About Me

It's difficult to decide what to put up here. I don't want to overshare or hand out identifying personal information (I come from the old school of Internet safety), but it's fun to share some basics.

I'm a guy who lives in the United States. I grew up in Southern California and moved to Utah not long after getting married to my incredible wife. I have two amazing kids and a cat.

My hobbies include programming, video games, reading (more listening these days), various artistic pursuits, and when weather permits (and I'm not feeling lazy), skateboarding and hiking the local hills and paths. For work I do web development (primarily back-end).

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP, or "Mediator," and my Enneagram personality type is 9, or "Peacemaker." According to one Enneagram result, I was described as "an independent yet calm vagabond on a (rather quiet) mission to discover what makes society a kinder and more accepting place." Granted it's clearly overlooking my flaws and hypocrisies, but it was a nice assessment to read.

My political leanings are generally left. If required to choose a US political party I'd choose the Green Party. I'm not especially active politically, but I figure if we want to continue existing as a species we should probably take care of where we live. Beyond that though, I just love wilderness, the natural world, and opportunities for solitude out away from cities. I feel like we would do well to ease up on the anthropocentric thinking in general. There's a lot more to our world than us. My family will confirm that I can often be heard making disparaging remarks regarding capitalism, consumerism, and the US government in general.

Spiritually speaking, I try to find meaning in just about anything. Nature, the starry sky, art, music, all can be spiritually significant or inspiring on their own merits if you just let them speak to you. I'm agnostic when it comes to religion. I feel that there's so much to the cosmos, nature, and experiencing life as a human being that it would be a shame to only accept a single path and say the rest is not worthy. I do enjoy learning about various religions and their associated philosophies, beliefs, and lore. There's great stuff to be found in all of them.

You can likely get a further read on me by checking out the likes and favorites pages.