Howdy, and welcome to my website.

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Remember when people used to use email to communicate instead of to get automated notifiactions and confirm registrations? Drop me an email at woahyeahyeah (at)! It's fun to hear from people, including internet strangers.

Why I made this page:

  1. It's so much fun to set up a simple HTML page. This is like a sequel to my old Geocities page from way back when. Those were good times.
  2. Part of an effort to have people take back the Internet for themselves and participate in individual expression. There's so much more to the internet than the giant corporate websites, and I feel people need to break free of those walls and create and share their own content without their creativity being dictated by ubiquitous tools and samey templates - to say nothing of censorship and being exploited for metadata.
  3. To have something to put on my Neocities page. Neocities is an attempt to recreate something like Geocities where people can ... do what I mentioned in point #2. I've got a paid account with them to support them in this cause, but they have completely free accounts as well (with no ads)!

What does "Woah Yeah Yeah" mean, anyway?

It's from the Aquabats song, Ballad of Mr. Bonkers . (Skip to 2:30 to get right to the section it comes up in.)

You spelled "whoa" wrong.

Pedantry's fun, isn't it? I don't question the Aquabats.